AN AUTHOR is offering Peeblesshire residents the key to happiness through her new book.

Nadia Wong, a former resident in Peebles, moved to Italy in 2001.

But a series of challenging events saw her spiral into depression.

After battling her own demons, she was inspired to help others live a full life and has penned four books – Your Life Your Legacy; My Life My Legacy (Journal); My Growing Heart; and her latest edition, which was released at the end of August, The Key to a Happier Me.

After living with chronic asthma and coming close to death in her twenties, Nadia understands the reality of our mortality and has spent her life in search of love, light, joy, wisdom and truth.

She now teaches the valuable life lessons that she has learnt on her life’s journey to guide others to ignite their inner light.

Through opening her heart and sharing her own path to inner peace and joy, Nadia lovingly takes you on a journey deep into your heart, mind and soul, awakening you to the power of the source of life within you.

She said: “My latest book, The Key to a Happier Me, is a life changer and has already impacted the lives of the few people who have read it.

“I used the book as a guide to coach clients before it was published, and the results have been phenomenal.

“As you read this book, answer the questions and apply the practical steps, you will come to know yourself and love yourself, helping you to develop self-worth and self-trust to improve all areas of your life, giving you the confidence to be the light you were born to be, unafraid to shine."

Nadia added: “It is my divine calling to help people to see the truth and beauty of who they are deep within; to enable them to develop self-worth and self-trust, giving them the confidence to create their very own happily ever after.

“I step out of my comfort zone time and time again because my calling and desire to serve is far greater than my fears.

“I would rather try and fail than come to the end of my life wishing I’d been brave enough to try.”

The author and happiness coach is delighted that her book, Your Life Your Legacy, has been selected as a top ten finalist for an Author Elite Award.

The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on Friday, October 22, in Columbus, Ohio.

“Sadly, I can’t make the red carpet event due to travel restrictions and COVID, of course, which would have been amazing, but we have all had to make sacrifices and learn to accept things we cannot change over the past couple of years,” she said.

However, Nadia hopes to do a book signing in Peebles, which she says will always be “home”.

The Key to a Happier Me is within reach by simply popping into Whitie’s Books & Crafts in Pennel’s Close, Peebles.

“I’m truly grateful for Douglas and Sheila Whitie’s support by stocking my book in their store,” said Nadia.

“When I lived in Peebles, I used to love popping in to see Douglas to discuss which personal development books to order to quench my thirst for knowledge and growth.

“I never even dreamed my books would one day be sitting on those shelves.

“When I’m next home, I hope to do a collaboration and book signing event with Whitie’s to celebrate.”