A WORRIED dog owner was faced with a £250 vet bill after her dog slashed its paws on broken glass.

Nancy Fenton has spoken out about her dog Zausha’s nasty experience while out walking around Whitestone Park, Peebles, last month.

Her German Shepherd had two deep slices on her paw after she stood on broken shards of glass near the pavilion.

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Nancy realised just how bad her dog’s injury was when she walked into the kitchen and was shocked by the amount of blood on the tiles.

She took Zausha to the vet, where she was sedated, had five staples in the pad of her paw, and was put on antibiotics.

However, she had to make a second visit to the veterinary after the wound burst open.

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Nancy said: “I was in tears and absolutely heartbroken that she was hurt, and I was worried about her potentially losing her paw if it became infected. This is all down to someone smashing a bottle.

“I’m angry that because of people acting irresponsibly, I’m left out of pocket, but the main thing is she will be okay. Two Rivers Veterinary were absolutely amazing, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Nancy now has to bandage her dog’s paw before and after every walk.

“Slowly but surely, she’s getting better. We certainly won’t be taking her for a walk near that area again,” she said.