A GALASHIELS representative is working with the council to address the “carpet of chewing gum” on one of the town’s streets.

Independent councillor Sandy Aitchison attended a community council meeting on Wednesday (October 6).

And during the meeting, he said he has been working with Scottish Borders Council neighbourhood area manager Craig Blackie on an initiative to “tidy up the town centre”.

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“One thing that always upsets me about Channel Street is the carpet of chewing gum upon which we walk,” said Mr Aitchison. “Now that we’re spending a fortune on the square in front of the tapestry, the last thing I want to see is great globules of chewing gum all over the place.”

Mr Aitchison said he has been looking at the possibility of installing bins made by Gumdrop Ltd along the street.

According to the company, the bins are made from recycled chewing gum and can be mounted on a wall or lamppost.

The receptacles have proved to reduce chewing gum litter by up to 46 per week in the first 12 weeks of use, says a Gumdrop spokesperson.

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“The purpose is to tidy the town centre a wee bit and make it cleaner and better looking,” Mr Aitchison told the meeting. “The balls are about the size of a small football.

“You deposit your chewing gum in there and it goes to be recycled to then make more balls.”

He added: “People will realise they don’t have to chuck their chewing gum away, they can put it in these little receptacles.”

Mr Aitchison asked members of the community council to get in touch with him with their opinions on the initiative.

At the meeting, community councillor John Birnie said it sounded like a “good idea, as long as they’re left alone and not vandalised”.