THE GREEN credentials of a leading 19th century Scottish heritage attraction are set to be transformed by installation of one of the country’s largest ground source heat pumps.

Bowhill House, a five-star mansion house on Buccleuch’s Borders Estate, is be heated by the ground-breaking wholly renewable energy system.

A 24km pipe network is to be laid in the grounds of the estate, connecting the ground source heat pump to the house.

The project, which is being delivered by borders-based company Renew Green Energy, will provide green energy for the house and surrounding buildings. The heat pump is a bespoke unit, which has been custom built by Danish firm European Energy.

An existing anaerobic digester at the Borders Estate, which already converts waste from the estate’s agricultural operations into electricity, will supply power for the GSHP to operate.

Believed to be the first historic mansion house in Scotland to install such a system, the CO2 savings are estimated to be 444 tonnes per annum - the equivalent of planting 1770 trees every year.

Lord Walter Dalkeith, vice chairman of the Buccleuch board, said: “Buccleuch have a long tradition of environmental stewardship, and the project is hugely important to the business, in-keeping with its guiding principles and ambitions to become net zero.”

Brian Middleton, Managing Director at Renew Green Energy said: “We are delighted to be working with the Duke of Buccleuch and the estate on this exciting and significant renewable energy project. The climate crisis is all around us and renewable energy is hugely important in driving an environmental shift towards net zero carbon. This project is testament to the Duke of Buccleuch’s ambition to Go Green and drive the house and estate to a target of net zero.”