TAXI drivers in Galashiels say they are “fed up” of receiving abuse from people parking in their allocated spaces.

Drivers in the town say they are regularly targeted when asking other motorists not to park in their rank on Channel Street.

And they fear there will be no resolution, despite complaining to Police Scotland and Scottish Borders Council.

Frustrated taxi drivers told the Border Telegraph that before they can park in Channel Street they have to drive around the town two or three times before a space becomes free.

One of the drivers, Hugo Santos, said: “Everyone is really fed up.

“Channel Street is one-way and sometimes there are four cars in the rank with no one in the cars and we have to go around the town and lose time and money.”

Mr Santos, who has worked as a taxi driver for the last three-and-a-half-years, added: “Taxis are important in the Borders.

“It’s a rural area and the buses don’t cover everywhere.

“We’re not supposed to get abuse. It’s completely unacceptable.”

The drivers also say they believe it is not clear who is responsible for enforcing the parking restrictions on the Channel Street taxi rank.

“It’s beyond a joke,” said Alastair Macdonald of Quick Cabs.

“Scottish Borders Council and the police keep passing the buck.

“No one can admit responsibility.”

According to rule 240 of the Highway Code, motorists are not to park in “taxi bays as indicated by upright signs and markings”.

A SBC spokesperson said: “Taxi drivers have been provided with appropriate advice on a number of occasions regarding this matter.

“In terms of enforcement, I can confirm that this is a matter for Police Scotland.”

This newspaper also contacted Police Scotland for comment.

However, no response had been received at the time of publication.