A Yellow warning for wind remains valid until 6pm Saturday and covers whole of the Scottish Borders

Police Scotland's advice is that conditions for travel may be hazardous and EXTRA CAUTION should be exercised.

Many routes are closed/blocked and there significant debris across the road network.

The following list is of routes affected that we are aware of. Many other routes are also likely to be affected. Our staff are working as hard as possible to keep key arterial routes clear and are prioritising support for the emergency services and where there are welfare issues.

A number of trunk roads are also affected. For trunk road information please see Traffic Scotland website

An out-of-hours helpline has been set up for anyone in the Borders facing issues. Please call 01835 826549.

New issues reported Saturday morning:

A6105 between Greenlaw and Duns - road closed

A697 between Greenlaw and Coldstream - road closed

B6355 Chirnside to Ayton - road closed

A6089 outside Kelso - road blocked

A697 between Carfraemill and Greenlaw nr Kelso junction - road blocked

B6437 Chirnside to A1 - tree and power lines down, road closed

B6358 Jedburgh to Denholm - tree down, road blocked

B6352 Mindrum to Yetholm - fallen tree and power lines, road closed

B6357 Bonchester Bridge to Jedburgh - road blocked

Roads into Westruther currently blocked

The following issues also remain from last night:

Putton Mill, Duns - tree down - road closed

Lyall Terrace, Burnmouth - tree down - road closed

B6355 Duns to Cranshaws - several trees down - road closed

High St, Ayton - tree down, both lanes blocked

A6112 at Bonkyl Cottage - tree down, road blocked

A6112 Preston Farm - tree down, road closed

B6437 North of Lennel - tree down on road

B6461 Swinton crossroads to Swinton Mill - tree down, passable with extreme care

B6461 - A697 Orange Lane - tree down, road closed

D154/6 West Loch Road, Coldingham - tree down, road closed

A6089 north of Nenthorn - tree down, road blocked

B6352 just outside Kelso - tree down, road blocked

A697 south of Greenlaw - tree down, road closed

B6355 Ayton to Eyemouth - numerous trees down, road closed

A701 Romanno Bridge - trees down, road closed

A6105 - Chirnside to Berwick - tree down, road closed

A6105 Duns to Greenlaw - trees down, road closed

A6105 Bridgend, Duns - multiple trees down, road closed

B6368 Gilston road - tree down, road closed

C78 Leaderfoot to Smailholm - tree down, road closed

A697 3 miles south of Greenlaw - multiple trees down, road closed

B6374 Lowood to Galashiels - tree down, road closed

C79 Charterhouse to Stichill - tree down, road closed

A72 Galashiels to Clovenfords - tree down, one carriageway blocked, passable with care

A6112 Swinton - tree down, passable with care

Bank Stree Brae, Galashiels - tree down, road closed

B6356 Scott's View to B6360 Leaderfoot - tree down, road closed

A699 at Roxburgh junction - two trees down, road blocked

B6352 Bridgend Park, Kelso - tree down, passable with care

B7009 Fauldshope, Ettrick Valley - tree down, road blocked

B6400 Ashieview - multiple trees down, road blocked

B6461 Kelso to Eccles - tree down, passable with care

Guards Road, Coldstream - damage to building, road closed

B6357 Newcastleton - two trees down either side of village, road closed

B6438 Auchencrow to Preston - trees down, road blocked

Lyne Station to B712 - tree down, road blocked

A699 St Boswells to Selkirk - tree down, one carriageway blocked, passable with care

Burnfoot to Hornshole - tree down, road closed

A698 at Coldstream Health Centre - tree down, road closed

B6350 Kelso to Sprouston - tree down, road closed

Ashiesteel Bridge to Craigmyle Estate - tree down, road blocked

Trinity St, Hawick - building damage, road closed

A702 Eddleston - tree down

Winston Road, Galashiels - road blocked

Wauchope Road, Bonchester Bridge, powerline down, road closed

B711 Roberton - road closed

B6397 south of Charterhouse crossroads - road closed

B6404 west of Charterhouse crossroads - road closed

A6105 1/4 mile west of Houndwood - road closed