A 78-year-old Borders’ man who walked almost 7,000 miles during lockdown to raise money for Cancer Research UK has finally called time on his fundraising activities after raising an impressive £3,000 for Cancer Research UK in memory of many of his friends who have died from the disease since the start of the pandemic.

David Laing from Kelso had 22 falls, luckily none too serious resulting in only a few head stitches, cuts and abrasions during his travels and the wrong footwear resulted in the loss of his left foot big toe nail which still causes him pain but is starting to grow back.

He was soaked many times, battered by hailstones, snow and sleet and heavy winds and had to replace four pairs of trainers but on the brighter side he has taken more than 200 photos of wildflowers and have named almost all, photographed some beautiful scenery, river and farm life, shed a few pounds and lifted litter which he have done for almost 70 years. 

He is an inspirational figure in the community who is also a telephone kindness volunteer with the Chest Heart and Stroke Association and still collates PVGs for Scottish Borders Disability Sport Group.

David told the Border Telegraph: “On the 16th November 2021 the fund was closed after just over three months having raised the maximum amount of £3000 which has now all been paid over to CRUK either directly from the link or on a week to week banking arrangement. 

“What a fabulous amount so thanks to all donor and supporters This is my final ever major fundraiser which I can imagine will be a huge relief to many who became ‘totally voluntary’ donors  without any pressure (maybe anyway).”