BORDERER Shona Ramsay was named runner-up in the Inspirational Person of the Year category of the Guide Dogs People Awards 2021 at a ceremony in Leamington Spa earlier this month.

It’s been an eventful year for the 58-year-old from Jedburgh who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in January and underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy before catching Covid-19.

Since then, she found time to take on the 72-mile St Cuthbert's Way walk with her close pal Jan Shirley raising an impressive £1350 for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Shona told the Border Telegraph: “It was very humbling to get the runners up award. I travelled down to Leamington for the ceremony which was a lovely experience as there were so many inspirational people there.

“Unfortunately, my now dog Dougal was still mid training so he couldn’t come with me, but he is now fully trained.

“My old dog Oscar was like a fantastic first-time car but Dougal is a Rolls Royce. He’s certainly an upgrade.

“It’s been quite a year, and to be honest I didn’t think I’d still be here after I got the diagnosis, and my aim was to see my granddaughter go to school in the summer.

“But my prognosis is really good and I have some scans in January so hopefully they are clear again.

“It makes you realise that every day counts and to appreciate life. I’m an upbeat person and having the dogs makes you get up in the morning. You can’t lie in bed when you have Oscar and Dougal.

“Both dogs get on so well which is important. I had been given another dog Beth, but she didn’t get on with Oscar, so it didn’t work.

It costs £60,000 to train a guide dog and that’s why I do something every year to raise money. A few years ago I jumped out of a plane and next year I’m planning on abseiling down the Forth Rail Bridge.”

Anyone wishing to donate to this worthy cause can do so at