SCHOOLS in Peebles are inviting members of the public to take part in lottery schemes to help support pupils.

The initiative will help Peebles High School (PHS) and Priorsford Primary School buy resources for the children, including sandpits, iPads, and Smartboards.

The schools have launched the lotteries in an attempt to make up for a loss of fundraising opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Priorsford headteacher Sandra Macgregor said: “One of the major strengths of Priorsford Primary School is the support and active involvement of parents in all aspects of school life.

"While the school’s basic resource needs are funded by Scottish Borders Council, there are many resources and activities that these funds do not cover."

The Friends of Peebles High School (FOPHS) is hoping new lottery members will join them, particularly the parents of S1 and S2 pupils.

A spokesperson for the FOPHS said: “Over the last four years the lottery has raised over £18,000 that the school has been able to use to maintain or replace equipment such as Smartboards, purchase additional textbooks, and pay for annual subscriptions to online resources that benefit all students across our departments. We have also been able to support external trips to widen the educational experience of our students.

“Our next aim is to raise £6,000 to support the rollout of in-classroom recording technology that allows the opportunity to record both classroom-based and online teaching. This provides teachers the ability to see their lessons from a whole new perspective and reflect on and analyse the overall learning experience."

Anyone over the age of 16 can purchase a PHS Lottery and Priorsford Lottery ticket, and draws take place quarterly in March, June, September and December for PHS, and in January, April, July and October for Priorsford.

For both lotteries prizes are £100, £50, and £25 for the first three numbers drawn and tickets cost £6 per quarter – £2 per month.

To take part in the PHS Lottery, email:, providing your name and contact details.

And to join the Priorsford Lottery email: or visit the parents page on the school’s website.