First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has given give her weekly Covid update in parliament today.

The final restrictions that were put in place in response to the Omicron variant were removed on Monday, January 24.

In an update last week the First Minister announced that nightclubs would be able to reopen, and caps on indoor events and table service requirements where alcohol is served would be removed.

These measures were put in place in December, alongside a maximum capacity of 500 people for outdoor events. This was eased on January 22.

However, the requirements for face coverings and self-isolation will remain for the foreseeable future.

Here's what we learned from Nicola Sturgeon's briefing today.

Working from Home

The current guidance from working from home has been updated.

Nicola Sturgeon revealed that employers can start preparing for a "phased return from the office" to a "hybrid working model".

This means that you can work some time in the office and work sometimes at home rather than a full return.

One metre social distancing re-introduced

Nicola Sturgeon has said a requirement for two-metre physical distancing in settings where face coverings are exempt is being reduced to one metre.

The change will apply to settings such as religious services and those carrying out receptionist duties.

Updating MSPs, the First Minister also announced a change affecting organised activities for children.

She said: “From Friday, face coverings will no longer be required for any adult taking part in organised activities when they are directly interacting with children under the age of five.”

International travel

Scotland's international travel rules have been brought in line with the rest of the UK. 

From February 11, vaccinated travellers will no longer need to take a PCR test when they arrive back in Scotland. 

However, vaccinated travellers will need to fill in a passenger locator form.

Unvaccinated travellers will need to take a pre-departure test two days before travelling and two days after they arrive back in Scotland. 

Currently, the international " fully vaccinated" definition includes two doses of the Covid vaccine and not the booster dose. 

However, this is being kept under review. 

Ms Sturgeon warned that travel restrictions could be reintroduced in light of a new variant so this is constantly being monitored. 

Mask wearing in schools

Ms Sturgeon has been facing renewed calls to remove the requirement for mask-wearing in Scottish schools.

Masks are no longer needed in English secondary schools with the requirement being dropped from Thursday 20 January.

Face coverings will no longer need to be worn by adults who are leading activities in childcare and early learning settings with children under 5 years old. 

Mask wearing restrictions will be changing in schools due to the increase in cases for this age group but the advice will be kept under "close and regular review".

Strategic framework 

The First Minister was expected to outline a strategic framework or  'roadmap' to move the country to a “less restrictive” society.

Ms Strugeon has confirmed that a full outline will be available in the coming weeks. 

Distance Aware Scheme

Nicola Sturgeon has encouraged Scots to take note of the Scottish Government’s Distance Aware scheme.

The First Minister said badges and lanyards with the Distance Aware logo, indicating the wearer would like extra space, would be available to anyone who wants one.

She said: “So if you or anyone you know is worried about being out and about and would feel safer with a bit more space, please get a Distance Aware badge.

“And for everyone else, if you see someone wearing the badge or lanyard, give them the space and consideration that they are asking for.”

Latest cases

Nicola Sturgeon also updated the Scottish parliament over the latest Covid cases. 

While the First Minister said that cases remain high, we are starting to see a "broadly positive picture".

8,022 new cases of COVID-19 reported have been reported as well as 23 new reported deaths of people who have tested positive

There were 34 people in intensive care on Monday, January 24 with recently confirmed COVID-19 and 1,392 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19.

Ms Sturgeon also noted that cases among under 15 years old are on the rise which is why the mask wearing in schools restriction has not been removed.

The First Minister admitted that this has been the "toughest winter that the NHS has ever faced" and we should remain cautious.