A GALASHIELS woman was caught with a haul of Class A drugs bound for the Borders after she was stopped driving a coupe on a motorway.

Police recovered a kilo of heroin and 125 gms of cocaine from the Audi TT being driven by Clare Burke when she was pulled over on the M8 at Livingston, in West Lothian.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that the seized drugs had a potential maximum value of nearly £80,000.

Advocate depute Graeme Jessop told the court: "It is understood that at the time of her arrest the accused was in the process of couriering the drugs back to the Scottish Borders for onward supply by others."

Burke, 53, admitted being concerned in the supply of heroin and cocaine on the M8 motorway on June 25 last year, when she appeared in court today (February 8).

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The court heard that police were in receipt of information that the driver of the blue car was in possession of controlled drugs and carried out a stop of the vehicle.

Mr Jessop said that Burke was the driver and sole occupant of the Audi TT and she was detained for a search.

She was later interviewed and chose to make no comment to most of the questions put to her but indicated she had no idea of the quantity of drugs involved.

The court heard that although Burke has previous convictions she had never served a jail sentence.

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Defence solicitor advocate Iain McSporran QC said that a background report would be required on Burke ahead of sentencing as she has not served a custodial sentence.

He asked that Burke, who has been on bail since an initial court appearance last year, should be allowed to remain on liberty pending a sentencing hearing next hearing.

Mr McSporran maintained that there would be no harm to the public interest in allowing her to remain on bail.

Lord Richardson told Burke: "You pleaded guilty to two serious offences in relation to the Misuse of Drugs Act."

The judge said that "with hesitation" he was prepared to accede to the motion to continue her liberty at this stage but added that all questions of sentence would remain open.