HAWICK High School has made progress in many areas since their initial inspection in December 2019 according to an Education Scotland Report.

The report found that efforts to support young people and families during the Covid-19 pandemic with a range of digital, pastoral and academic measures proved effective. And the provision of a digital device to all young people was commended.

Since returning to school, all young people in S1 were receiving extra time in English and mathematics to focus on literacy and numeracy.

Across the school, there was greater consistency in both the structure of lessons and quality of learning and teaching experiences for young people.

Staff were developing new skills, using a wider range of assessments and working more effectively together to ensure national standards were being applied when marking young people’s work.

Attainment of young people in the senior phase was found to be improving overall with young people achieving more qualifications at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Level 4 – SCQF Level 6.

Young people in the senior phase were attaining well in literacy and there have been improvements in numeracy.

Improvements had also been made to the curriculum and staff were undertaking professional learning to better understand the needs of all young people.

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Vicky Porteous, Headteacher, said: “Hawick High was inspected in December 2019; only a few weeks later the global pandemic hit. Despite the challenges and disruption that Covid-19 has brought to education and learning, we have continued to make progress with school improvement. This letter from HMIE acknowledges both the support given to young people and families over the past two years and also the improvements that have made in learning and teaching, to our school curriculum and with whole school attainment.

“This progress has only been possible because of the hard work, commitment and support from staff, students, parents and our community partners. Our school values of ambition, determination, responsibility, equality and honesty have been so evident in all we have done in recent months and will continue to direct the school as we move forward.

“A massive well done and thank you to you all; you should be rightly proud of your achievements.”

Keith Morgan, Chairman, Hawick High School Parent Forum and Parent Council Chair, added: “It’s great for the Headteacher and all staff and pupils to see all the hard work everyone has put in since the original inspection be recognised by HM Inspectorate on their revisit. The school is certainly heading in a positive direction now and to have done all of this through Covid-19 is really impressive.

“The Parent Forum will continue to support the school on this journey of improving not just attainment, but the mental health and wellbeing of staff and pupils.”