IN the lead up to this year’s Common Riding, Selkirk Colonial Society has announced its Standard Bearer for the upcoming festivities.

After two years of cancellations the event will return to the Royal Burgh in June.

And the Selkirk Colonial Society has announced David Hislop will be given the honour of flying the flag in the summer.

“I am certain as are all Souters everywhere, that 2022 will see the welcome return of the Common Riding to our town and it will be one of the best ever,” said David. “It will be a privilege to play a major part in the event.”

David’s father, Danny, was Royal Burgh Standard Bearer in 1946.

David had first applied to be the Colonial Society’s Standard Bearer in 2021 which would have marked the 75th anniversary of his father’s time as Standard Bearer.

He said: “My original application to be Selkirk Colonial Society Standard Bearer was geared towards the year of 2021, which coincided with the 75th Anniversary of my father being Royal Burgh Standard Bearer.

“However the COVID pandemic put paid to that. Sadly it will not be the 75th anniversary celebration, but it will be similar in context to my father’s year which was the first year after World War II.”

David attended Philiphaugh Primary School and Selkirk High School and was a keen rugby player and athlete – playing for the Youth Club. He won the Borders Semi Junior League in 1973 and he represented the Edinburgh Athletics Club, gaining medals at the Scottish Championships in 1974.

He later moved to the capital in 1975 before relocating to the Midlands where he joined the Birchfield Harriers.

In 1988 David was part of the management team behind Team GB at the Seoul Paralympic Games and had a number of international trips with the Junior Team GB in the mid-nineties.

David and his family moved back to Scotland in 1991.

After retraining as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, which allowed him to work with a variety of sportspeople and on the tv show The Gladiators, David and his wife Kay moved to the south west of France in 2015.

David said: “Throughout my time away from Selkirk, I like all Souters, never forgot my heritage, my childhood in Selkirk and of course the world famous Common Riding. It is an event unique in the world and often describe it to people who I meet whether it be on a train, boat or plane when I get asked where I come from.

“I was fortunate to have ridden the Marches four times, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 and will never forget the various stages of the rideout.”

David will carry the famous gold banner of the Colonial Society at this year’s Common Riding which takes place on June 17.

And the society will hold its Bussin’ Concert on Wednesday, June 15.

Jim Bunyan, chairman of Selkirk Colonial Society said: “We’re really excited. From deepest, darkest COVID we couldn’t see when it would end.

“It’s just the fact that Souters, friends and family can come to the town and enjoy and have fun again.”

He added: “It’s a really poignant part, after casting the colours, once the final flag is cast it’s dipped and there’s silence which is then broken by the band.

“It means a lot for people, it’s a time to reflect on the people no longer with us.

“It will be sad and sombre, more so because of COVID, people we respected and loved are no longer with us.”

For more information, visit the Selkirk Colonial Society and Selkirk Common Riding Facebook pages.