TWO Borders politicians have expressed their disappointment at the Bank of Scotland’s decision to close their branch in Selkirk.

Several branches across Scotland have been earmarked to shut.

The Selkirk branch is one of two in the Scottish Borders that is set to go in this latest round of high-street closures, with the other being Innerleithen.

John Lamont MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk said that constituents regularly bring this issue up with him and he believes that this is a worrying trend.

He said: ”At a time when accessing cash is becoming more and more difficult for people and businesses, this news is another devastating blow.

“I have spoken regularly about the need to protect people’s ability to access cash through my work in parliament as it is an issue that local residents in the Borders regularly raise with me.

“The closure of the Bank of Scotland branch in Selkirk is part of a worrying trend of high street banks closing their doors to customers across Scotland.

“I will continue to speak up for the people and businesses in the Borders who are struggling to access cash as a result of this trend, and encourage banks to think twice about the impact closing branches is having on our communities”

MSP Rachael Hamilton added: “The news about the Bank of Scotland closure in Selkirk is concerning.

“Decisions to close banks affect local communities badly and I am disappointed at this decision, given it has a pronounced effect on elderly people”.

“When a bank leaves a town or village, it does take a lifeline away for many people.

“It has a knock on impact on local businesses and the high street too.

“There will be one-on-one meetings with those who use the bank regularly to help them make alternative arrangements, however this never takes away from the inconvenience for customers.

“This is disappointing news for Selkirk and local residents, who rely on this lifeline service”.

The Innerleithen branch will close on August 4 and the Selkirk will close on August 8.