BORDERS College hosted an event recently highlighting the importance of breaking the stigma around menopause in the workplace.

The event, 'Let's Talk About the 'M' Word', was introduced by college principal Angela Cox – who shared her experiences of menopause – and was held as part of the college's Women's History Month celebrations.

Joining the event via video was New Zealand-based entrepreneur Jeanette Keho-Perkinson, who is an executive coach and founder of Power Pause – an organisation which helps support those working through menopause.

Borders College equality, diversity & inclusion officer Amy Brydon, who organised the event, said: “We were absolutely thrilled to be joined by Jeanette at our menopause event, and are incredibly grateful to her for sharing her inspiring an insightful words.

"It was heartening to see so many people from across Scotland and beyond engaging in important conversation about how to create more inclusive and menopause-friendly organisations.”

The event was joined by more than 90 guests from 11 UK colleges and universities, as well as a number of national organisations.

Jeanette spoke about her own experiences of menopause which led her to create her website which aims to help support others going through this phase of life.

Guests were able to ask questions and discuss menopause – something which is still considered a taboo subject, particularly in the work place.

After her presentation, and thanking guests, Jeanette said: “Menopause is a temporary phase of women’s lives.

"Go and seek help if you are unsure about the way you are feeling.

"If we can normalise this in the workplace, it would make such a big difference to women’s lives and raise awareness amongst both male and female staff.

"Remember that even if you are going through a difficult time, life will return to normal.

"This too shall pass.”

As well as her work with Power Pause, Jeanette is an executive board member of Ph.Creative and is their Global Chief People Officer and their Managing Director in Asia Pacific.