A BORDERS man who left an indecent message on a female shopkeeper’s phone has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Sixty-one-year-old Terrence Tinsley, of Jedburgh, pleaded guilty to a charge of communicating indecently with the woman in December 2020.

He was given a community pay back order with supervision for two years with the requirement to attend a course for “education and training.”

In December 2020 Tinsley provided the woman with his mobile number saying she was welcome to call him saying no one should be lonely.

He also picked up her business card which had her contact details on it.

After a few days Tinsley phoned the woman to ask if she had lost his number and she soon terminated the call and thought nothing more about it.

However, the court heard that at 2.15am on December 31 the woman noticed a missed call on her mobile and then recognised Tinsley’s voice on the left message.

He said how he had dreams about her.

During a police interview Tinsley admitted knowing the woman but gave no comment answers after that.

Tinsley was made subject to the notification requirements under the Sexual Offences Act.