THE Memorial Hall in Innerleithen was filled with excitement on Friday as the town waited for the announcement of this year's Standard Bearer and his Lass.

Before the big reveal, the chairman of St Ronan's Border Games, Alan Patterson, welcomed the audience to the hall announced two of the principal team for this year.

Ruby Finn, who was unable to make the Introduction Night, was named as the Lady Busser for 2022 and Aileen Borthwick will be the Principal Guest.

The time then came for the chairman to reveal the Standard Bearer-elect for 2022. Mr Patterson then invited Jonathan Lea to join him on stage as the crowd erupted into applause for the Standard Bearer.

The 23-year-old finance assistant for the Scottish Prison Service told the Border Telegraph: "I'm really excited.

"Nervous of course, but can't wait to get started.

"It's been five or six weeks since we first found out, it's been our little secret."

Then Mr Patterson announced that the Standard Bearer-elect's Lass this year is 23-year-old Katie Archibald.

The wedding events co-ordinator at Barony Castle said: "That first week [after finding out] everyone was like 'did you hear who was Standard Bearer?'

"It was like we had a post-it note on our head like 'ask me about Games Week'."

When asked about what they're looking forward to the most over this coming year, Jonathan said: "I can't wait to go and see the other Borders' town's festivals.

"It's something I've not really done before.

"I've only really been in Innerleithen and Beltane and a bit of Whipman. So, me personally I'm looking forward to going to Coldstream, and going to Biggar and seeing what their festivals are like.

"And obviously Games Week as well, that's the main event."

St Ronan's Border Games Week will be from July 9-16.