A BORDERS football club is "fed up" of continued vandalism of its pitch and stands.

On Monday, officials for Peebles Rovers arrived at Whitestone Park to find not only empty glass bottles strewn across the pitch, but also graffiti on the Alex Lucas stand.

Also, signs which surround the pitch for local businesses which support the club were ripped from their mounting, causing hundreds of pounds of damage.

Peebles Rovers chairman Colin Macdonald told the Border Telegraph: "We've had this [vandalism] since day dot.

"It’s become countless, the amount of times we’ve experienced mindless vandalism on our already incredibly limited facilities at Whitestone Park in Peebles."

He added: "That stand is for Alex Lucas who gave his life for his country. It's an absolute shambles.

"Every week we see something has happened."

The club shared a series of photos of the damage to its Facebook page, where Colin shared further details of the range of vandalism the club has endured over the last three years.

He shared: "Over the last three years in particular, we’ve spent almost every weekend clearing broken glass, drug paraphernalia, replacing damaged joinery etc all to put a senior football team on the park to represent our town.

"There have been 13 (THIRTEEN) separate fires started in our wonderful wooden stand, risking its very existence and it’s becoming a thankless and often questionable task as to whether we continue to do this as a committee and club."

Colin also told us that the spate of vandalism is "threatening the existence of the club".

However, Colin hopes to find ways of engaging with those involved in the vandalism, especially any youngsters.

"We're trying to engage with them," he said, "we want them playing football, not wrecking the football stands."

The club is hoping greater support to tackle this issue will soon be available to them.

Colin added: "Our resolve is weakened but remains strong despite continued setbacks as we continue to await the type of support afforded so many others in our town."