Former world racing champion Sir Jackie Stewart is determined to find the cure for the disease his wife, Lady Helen Stewart, was diagnosed with in 2014.

The motor racing legend is currently in the Borders hosting the Sir Jackie Stewart Classic at Thirleston Castle near Lauder.

And he hopes to raise around £250,00 for his charity Race Against Dementia, which was set up in 2018 and funds PhD students to research the condition.

Border Telegraph: Sir Jackie StewartSir Jackie Stewart

All money raised will help fund research to find a cure for the disease his wife, Lady Helen Stewart, was diagnosed with in 2014.

And he is hugely enthusiastic about the work being done.

Speaking to the Border Telegraph on Wednesday Sir Jackie said the establishment has “failed” to find a treatment for dementia and he is turning his hopes to youth to find the cure.

He said: “For 50 years, there has been no cure for dementia. Now I want to change that and help find a cure in my lifetime.

“So we are picking up the very best young PhDs from all over the world and we buy them. It’s youth that’s going to do it because the establishment have failed. And that’s not just this government, it’s every government.

“These young people look at it in a different way a different angle and we can spend more money on getting equipment that previously has been unavailable.

“We’re picking out the most talented in the world. It’s a challenge, but then I’m used to challenges.

“The latest statistic says that for everyone born today, one in three people will have dementia and there is no cure. And for over 50 years, there’s been no cure.

“We’ve got to change that. So we’re using Formula One to change it.”

“The brain is by far the most complicated piece of kit in the world, but who was it that said there are no problems there are only solutions?”