SCOTLAND is experiencing another wave of Covid-19 infections as cases of two Omicron variants increase.

And the numbers could even be ‘substantially higher’ than official estimates according to one expert.

The latest figures showed the number of Scots believed to have Covid increased to one in 30 last week – up from one in 40 the previous week.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that in the week ending June 11, 176,900 people in Scotland had the virus – about 3.36% of the population.

The estimated Covid rate in Scotland is higher than in England, where it is believed one in 50 people had coronavirus in the week ending June 11, while one in 45 people are estimated to have had the virus in both Wales and Northern Ireland.

Professor Rowland Kao, an epidemiology expert from Edinburgh University, said Covid infection rates could be “substantially higher” than the one in 30 people estimated to have the virus in Scotland.

There has also been an increase in the number of people requiring hospital treatment for Covid-19 this week – 748 people were in hospital compared with 716 last week.

Drop in vaccination clinics are available this week at the Victoria Hall, Selkirk on Friday June 24 2022 from 9am - 1pm, 1:45pm - 6:00pm and Saturday June 25 from 2pm - 6:00pm.