THE future of vandalised and under-threat public toilets in a Borders town have come under the spotlight.

The council-operated toilets at Croft Park, Kelso, face an uncertain future and have recently been the target of vandals.

An asset of the town’s Common Good Fund, this week a meeting of Kelso Common Good Sub-Committee considered the potential of carrying out an upgrade at the facility.

Councillor Tom Weatherston said: “It’s no secret that the council is looking at different ways to handling the toilet provision and it has been suggested that the Croft Park toilets may end up being permanently closed.

“I see in the report that there is a value put on the toilet at £6,300, which I raised my eyes at. I can’t imagine anyone willing to pay that for it.

“I got a report on the door at Croft Park today, which has been knocked in and vandalised and it’s going to get boarded up.”

Councillor Euan Robson said: “I haven’t been in the toilets there for quite some time but I imagine they would have to be brought up to a modern standard.

“It’s a question of whether the Common Good could cover that cost f it was so minded to do so. If it was upgraded, one way or another, the maintenance would be less than years gone by but the cleaning regime would be more onerous than hitherto.

“I’m conscious of the imminence of the new rugby season, which will be the key point at which the toilets will be used, because the crowd will want to go somewhere.”

Members decided to hold-off on a final decision on the future of the toilets until the outcome of a council working group on overall toilet provision across the region.

Councillor Weatherston added: “It could be wise to hold fire to hear what the working group has to say about toilets in general before we make a decision on what we want to do with Cross Park.”

Members agreed to consider the future of the Cross Park toilets as an agenda item at its next meeting.