A NEW community-led exhibit telling the people’s story of one of the world’s leading textile regions will go on display for the first time in The Great Tapestry of Scotland’s five-star visitor centre in Galashiels from Wednesday July 6 2022.

Running until Sunday 17 July as part of the Year of Stories 2022, entry to A Yarn Worth Spinning will be free to view.

The exhibit will centre around a series of Borders inspired textiles, clothing and interior designs by some of the University’s leading textile and design students.

Each of the designs will reinforce how textile heritage can be used to narrate, design and generate sustainable futures for Galashiels and the wider Scottish Borders.

A short film charts the town’s textile heritage and uncovers some unique hidden gems along the way, including the textile murals featured in the Lucy Sanderson Hall.

Border Telegraph: A Yarn Worth Spinning A Yarn Worth Spinning

Announcing the opening of the exhibit Centre Director for The Great Tapestry of Scotland at Live Borders, Sandy Maxwell-Forbes said: “The Great Tapestry of Scotland is where the people’s story of Scotland begins.

“Allowing people to tell their own stories in their own way, and inspiring future generations to realise their full potential is at the heart of everything we do, so we are absolutely delighted to be working with Heriot-Watt University, Redeeming Features and the local community to showcase this inspiring new exhibit.

“We are also thrilled that, thanks to the Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund and Energise Galashiels Trust, we can open up this opportunity for everyone to enjoy free of charge

“As the home to one of the world’s longest tapestries, handstitched by over 1,000 stitchers from across Scotland, featuring some of the country’s greatest textile stories, it is incredibly fitting that everyone can now enjoy the story of the Borders’ world-renowned textile heritage in our permanent new five-star visitor centre in Galashiels.”

Dr Lucy Robertson, Assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University’s School of Textiles and Design, said: “We were thrilled to support The Great Tapestry of Scotland in putting together A Yarn Worth Spinning. We’re incredibly proud of all of our students and very impressed with the designs by local school pupils also featured.

“Design centres on working with - and for - people. Inspired by the people, place, heritage and all the opportunities Galashiels presents, every element of this exhibit highlights the interdependence of economic, social and cultural factors on communities. It truly evidences how local heritage inspires the designers of tomorrow to learn from what came before and support communities to continue to grow and flourish in a sustainable way.”

To book, or for more information visit greattapestryofscotland.com or follow @GreatTapestrySc on Facebook or Twitter, and @GreatTapestryScotland on Instagram.