POLICE in the Scottish Borders have received reports of ‘sextortion’ crimes, with more and more social media users falling victim to this type of scam.

These often involve the victim being enticed to send nude or explicit photos or videos to someone who has befriended them online, then being blackmailed into sending money (or gift cards) to prevent them being distributed to people they know.

The scam is typically aimed at men between the ages of 18 and 44, but officers have had reports of both male and female victims aged from teens to 60s.

They say that young people living away from home can be particularly vulnerable to this type of scam.

A spokesperson said: “Our advice is to be extremely cautious regarding online contacts and chat - don’t give out personal details, be sceptical of anyone wishing to move conversation to another platform, and do not give anyone the chance to exploit or blackmail you.

“If you find yourself being blackmailed or extorted in this way, contact us on 101 or 999 in an emergency. You will be provided with support and your complaint will be taken in absolute confidence.

For more information about sextortion and what to do if you are a victim please visit Police Scotland's website.