A BUNGALOW bid which was refused by Scottish Borders Council planning officers has been agreed on appeal.

Officers had argued that the site on garden ground at Greenrig in Blair Avenue, Jedburgh, was too small and would represent an over-development of the site.

But by a majority of three to two members of the council’s Local Review Body overturned the decision.

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Jedburgh and District councillor Sandy Scott said: “I don’t think that the bungalow is out of proportion with the rest of the street. It’s like its neighbours and it has a large parking area in front of it. I don’t see any objections to it.”

It was a view not shared by councillor Viv Thomson, for Tweeddale West, who said: “I think the plot is too small and I would agree with the decision of the officer that this is over-development.”

Councillor Jane Cox, Hawick and Hermitage, added: “As they are keeping the hedge, which is quite important, and there are no neighbourhood objections whatsoever I think the impact on neighbourhood amenity would be very small.”