A CARE company providing vital support to older people has moved to a new home within a Borders village.

Holm Care, which offers a service to older people living in their own homes, has relocated from Newcastleton’s Old Joiners Workshop to a former domestic dwelling at Copshaw Place, 11 South Liddle Street.

The move has now been rubber-stamped via a premises change of use planning application to Scottish Borders Council.

Council planning officer Scott Shearer said: “The business previously operated at a similar location within the village, surrounded by residential properties. It is understood that three members of staff will operate from the property at any one time. Its activities should not upset the amenity of neighbouring properties and no objections have been received.

“Retention of the business within the village will allow it to continue to support the local economy and community, which is important owing to the remote location of the village in relation to a lot of other services.”