AFTER a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Border Union Show saw a spectacular two days at Springwood Park.

The Kelso-based event was last held in the town in 2019. But after two years of no events, contestants, judges and visitors were excited to return to the show grounds once again.

On Friday and Saturday (July 29-30) crowds were treated to a number of events including pony competitions, children’s pet show and evening goat milking and the champion of champions.

A spokesperson for the Show shared on social media: “Huge thanks to the many people who attended the 2022 Border Union Show. We had a brilliant time.

“It was great to bring the event back after three years, and it paid off to see all the happy showgoers.

“To the stewards, volunteers, staff, security, exhibitors, trade stand holders, sponsors, advertisers… the list goes on… thank you – without you, the Show simply wouldn’t go on.”


Champion of Champions

Champion – Iain Campbell from Gordon, Scottish Borders, with yearling heifer Aberdeen Angus, Gordon Blackcherry


Riding Ponies In-hand

Champion – J. Scales; Tidesbrook Lilly Bobtail; Bay; F; 01/01/2019; Tideswell Scales; Jacket Shade Blue; Chidock Chaos

Reserve – Tracy Turner; Linsop Playing With Fire; Chestnut; Gelding; 14/05/2021; Linsop Stud Ms L Hewitt & Ms L Clohessy; Jackets Shades of Blue; Brookhall Miss Milly

Highland Ponies In-hand

Champion – Shirley Clarke; Bethoc of Conway; Grey; Female; 03/05/2013; Mrs K Dipper and Mrs N Stagnel; Stirlingdene; Iona of Conway

Reserve – Judith Hogg; Lachlann of Croila Croft; Grey; Gelding; 23/05/2017; R Ormiston; Ulleum of Croila; Chesthill Fern

Highland Ponies Ridden

Champion – Shirley Clarke; Bethoc of Conway; Grey; F; 03/05/2013; Mrs K Dipper & Mrs N Stagnel; Stirlingdene; Iona of Conway

Reserve – Mardy Fawcett; Tower Highland Piper; Grey Roan; Gelding; 25/06/2006; Mr J Hendrie & Mrs A. Kerr; Turin Hill Kylemore; Tower Amanda

M&M Novice Ridden

Champion – Emma Jane Murray; Ochills Enchanted; Grey; Mare; 06/05/2016; Unknown; Chaffcombe Aspen; Liddelvale Gentle Charm

Reserve – Ashleigh Redpath; Cwmmeudwy roisin; Black; Mare; 14/06/2016; Rod Lewis; Fronarth magicman; Synod rose-of-tralee

M&M Junior Ridden

Champion – Walker, Mrs Sarah; Montruth Manhattanskyline; Palomino dark; Gelding; 28/07/2016; Mrs Ruth Montgomery-Law; Northlight Concerto; Montruth Madyson Avenue

Reserve – Neill, Mrs Nicola; Cragsyde spruce; Grey; Gelding; 17/05/2016; Mrs Lauder; Cragsyde garnet; Cragsyde Marie june

Veteran Horses

Champion – Rachel Robson; Willow Park; Grey; Mare; 16/03/2005; Primitive Star; Guchi Alcazar

Reserve – Lorna Keay; Coedeneirin Reward; Chestnut; Gelding; 07/06/2001; Mrs J Plumtree; Twmbarlwm Nimrod; Miru Morning Cloud

Show Hunter Ponies

Champion – Valerie Renwick; Littlebriars Horatio; Bay; Gelding; 08/04/2006; Miss S Kersey; Mybella Senator; Friars Blodyn Ebrill

Reserve – Lucy Sanders; Ryehall Dartagnan; Coloured; Gelding; 24/03/2017; Mr M R Surman; Tiny Bit Famous; Oakwood Talilisa

Part Bred

Champion – Morgian Anderson; Blaenllain DB’s Doodlebug; Dark bay; Gelding; 24/04/2017; A.A. & T.M. Jones; Blaenllain Doodleba; Penlanganol Phoenix

Reserve – Amanda Goldie; Tremarl Bumble Bee; Liver Chestnut; Mare; 22/04/2012; Miss Davies; Carrwood Orpheus; Exclusive III

Coloured Horses

Champion – Karen Wardrop; Thistle Doo; Piebald; G; 01/05/2013; NK; NK; NK

Reserve – Caroline Redpath; My crystal chandelier; Blue and white; Mare; 23/06/2014

M&M Novice Working Hunter Ponies

Champion – Helen Maclaren; Morning Shadow Dance; Black; G; 10/06/2011; Mrs S Henderson; Hisley Diplomat; Breamish Jillian

Reserve – Nicola Neill; Cragsyde spruce; Grey; Gelding; 17/05/2016; Mrs Lauder; Cragsyde garnet; Cragsyde Mazie June

Pony Club Team Jumping

Junior Champion – Team College - North Northumberland Hunt Pony Club

Senior Champion – Team Coquet - North Northumberland Hunt Pony Club

Light Horse and Hunter In-hand

Champion – Mr Alexander McMorran; Cappa Henry Sunshine; Grey; Gelding; 03/06/2019; Maeve Holohan; Cloncastle Silver Squire; Donfree Crannagh

Reserve – Joanne & William Moran; Foal from Corkeeran Willow; Chestnut; Colt; 01/03/2022; Mr W Moran; Tiger Attack; Corkeeran Willow

Side Saddle

Champion – Miss Jill Robinson; Will I Am; bay; Gelding; 25/04/2008; Thomas Minogue; Colin Diamond; Lady Froid


Champion – N. Donaldson; Blue Manor Rhinestone Cowboy; Roan; Colt; 12/05/2019; Mrs and Mr J Rae; Frontier Legends Diplomat; Country Music's Dixie Nolan

Reserve – Michael Dale; Punda; Brown; Female; 13/05/2012; Mr J. Irving; Red Oak Dakota; Red Oak Debbie

Retraining of Racehorses

Champion – Miss Caroline Pennycook; Blue Thor; Bay; Gelding; 25/05/2006; John D. Telfer; Primitive Faerietale VII; Barnock Burn (GB)

Reserve – Sarah Pool; Cully; Bay; Mare; 25/03/2018; Tell The Wind Partnership; Havana Gold; Tell The Wind


Champion – J & C Fairbairn; Marshall Meadows Mary Rose; Bay; Filly; 04/03/2021; Tillside Topman; Unknown


Champion – Gavin Holmes; John B; Dark Bay; Male; 04/02/2005; Keith Brown; Moorfield Edward; Swallowhill Silver Rose

Reserve – J & C Fairbairn; Dunrragh House Invincible; Bay; Gelding; 01/01/2012; Exhibitor

Decorated Harness

Champion – Gavin Holmes; Sorbie; Bay; 31/05/2007

Heavy Horse Turnouts

Champion – J & C Fairbairn; Vince and Dennis; 01/01/2022

Reserve – Gavin Holmes; Sorbie, Jake, John; Male; 01/01/2022


Aberdeen Angus

Champion (Male) – Andrew Hodge; Rulesmains Pegasus X489,05/02/2021,Carruthers Gilbert S977,Rulesmains Princess

Reserve (Male) –Gordon Brooke Estate; Gordon Ellanin X639,09/04/2021,Rawburn Luthor T495,Linton Gilbertines Ella P782

Champion (Female) – Gordon Brooke Estate; Gordon Black Cherry X638,09/04/2021,Rawburn Luthor T495,Linton Gilbertines Black Cherry S048

Reserve (Female) – Andrew Hodge; Rulemsmains Elegant X527,22/03/2021,Blelack Lord Heartford ,Rulesmains Elegant P813


Champion – Redpath Farms, Derriaghy Oscar, 21/09/2018, s. Mereside Godolphin, d. Proctors Mayfly

Reserve – Redpath Farms, Redpaths Sugar, 07/08/2021, s. Ampertaine Gigolo, d. Redpaths Hilary

Native Breeds

Champion – Andrew Hodge; Hodge, Emma; Coley 1 Liley S01 (P),02/10/2020,Gouldingpoll 1 Gold Spice,Granefell Coral Lily 753

Young Handlers (16-21-years-old)

Champion – Mark Reid

Reserves – Kirsty Campbell; Lindsey Stewart



Champion – Neil Harvey

Reserve – John Green


Champion – Michael Walton

Reserve – Michael Walton


Champion – Finlay Bell

Reserve – David Gray


Champion – Ally Baird

Reserve – Colin Rae

Any Other Breed

Champion – Gray (Sunnycroft)

Reserve – Guthrie (Myreside)


Champion – Tinnis

Reserve – Burncastle

Bluefaced Leicester

Champion – James Herdman

Reserve – A. Ainslie


Champion – W. N. Douglas

Reserve – Alistair James Warden


Champion – David Braithwaite

Reserve – L. J. Cowper


Champion – Ewan Macmillan

Reserve – Mike Munro

Kerry Hill

Champion – Katherine McIntosh

Reserve – Rory Innes

Lairg Type Cheviot

Champion – Robert Rennie

Reserve – Robert Rennie

North Country Cheviot

Champion – Roderick Runciman

Reserve – W & J Thomson

Scotch Half Breed

Champion – George D. Pate

Reserve – George D. Pate


Champion – B & J Watson

Reserve – Patrick M. L. Playfair

Suffolk (Non-MV)

Champion – Hazel Brown

Reserve – G. S. Shaw & Co

Texel (Non-MV)

Champion – Robert Rennie

Reserve – J & P Anderson

Any Other Breed (Non-MV)

Champion – Ion Clark

Reserve – A & P Glennie

Prime Lambs (Non-MV)

Champion – Robert Rennie

Reserve – Robert Rennie

Young Handlers

Champion – Rosie Chandler

Reserve – Lauchlan Rae

Young Handlers (Non-MV)

Champion – Ewan Chapman

Reserve – Kirsty Turnbull

Dairy Goats

Champion – Hannah J. Campbell

Reserve – Victoria Wood


Outdoor Trade Stand

Champion – Redpath Tyres (agricultural)

Reserve – J. Hume

Craft & Gift Stand

Champion – Handmade By Tink

Reserve – Morag Bheag

Food Hall Stand

Champion – The Cookie Kitchen

Reserve – Rupert Mole Choc Fountain

Shepherd's Crooks

Champion – Ian Smith

Reserve – David Gardner

Novice Champion – Carol Cook

Novice Reserve – John Howe