A PEEBLESSHIRE International Mind, Body and Spirit Company has celebrated 15 years in business.

Elemental Beings Ltd based in Glenholm, near Broughton runs workshops, meditations and retreats helping people with spiritual self-development.

The company was founded on August 1 2007 by Alphedia Arara (formally known as Fiona Murray) with the help of grants from the Princes Trust and Business Gateway while she recovered from a serious illness that had left her unable to move for over a year and unable to tolerate artificial light for three years.

Doctors were unable to find a treatment or cure for her neurological situation so her family turned to the help of a private holistic neurophysiologist and a leading homeopath.

Within two years of their treatment and rehabilitation Alphedia slowly started to recover learning to walk, read and write again.

Although only able to walk five metres at the time of company inception Alphedia was determined to carve a way back into the workforce.

She was unable, due to her health, to return to her previous career as an environment political researcher in the Scottish Parliament.

Alphedia, then aged 27, decided to write a book called Messages from Nature’s Guardians about the otherworldly experiences she started to have with Nature Spirits and Angels during her recovery.

The book received 5-star reviews in Spiritual magazines, Sky TV did an hour’s documentary on her story and a Russian film crew flew over to record a programme too.

Alphedia then started offering after dinner talks at Stobo Castle Health spa two nights a week teaching about Guardian Angels and Fairies which drew crowds of over 50 guests a night.

This led to a demand for workshops on connecting with spiritual guides and offers to write in other’s books including some of the UK’s leading mind, body and spirit authors of the time.

The uniqueness of Alphedia’s channeling ability to bring through spiritual guidance in group settings and individual channellings means Elemental Beings now has hundreds of clients in 75 countries around the world.

10000 followers on social media and before the pandemic clients flew in from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe to attend retreats on Iona, Orkney, Western Isles and the mainland.

All the courses are offered live through video or MP3 recordings so people can partake of them any time they feel drawn.

Now as the pandemic ends Elemental Beings hopes to offer again full moon meditations, healing workshops and nature spirit communication courses in the stunning Glenholm valley.

Alphedia Arara said: “I am beyond delighted to be celebrating 15 years of business with Elemental Beings.

“ My husband Auraengus joined the company in 2016 and bringing his business experience really helped us to grow into the international market. I

“It is a joy to see how much our work assists others in their lives especially during the pandemic when people really were requiring support in their lives to feel happy within and fulfilled.

“We would like to thank everyone for supporting us and welcome anyone interested in spiritually to come and connect with us through social media or the website.

“I never thought I would be a business woman let alone a spiritual channel. Life can take you in unexpected but exciting and fulfilling directions sometimes.”