SCOTTISH animal welfare campaigns charity OneKind is calling for an end to driven grouse shooting on the first day of the shooting season, August 12.

It comes as the charity plans to demonstrate outside the Scottish Parliament  next month calling for a ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares in Scotland. 

OneKind Director, Bob Elliot said: “There is nothing celebratory about the glorious twelfth. 

“What could possibly be considered glorious about a day which marks the start of the shooting of grouse for ‘fun’ and the killing of other wild animals to maximise profit for the ‘sport’? 

“Today is the culmination of the year-long killing of our wildlife on grouse moors. 

All year predators of red grouse have been subjected to physical and mental suffering whilst caught in traps and snares, before being killed by gamekeepers. 

“The animals persecuted include foxes, stoats, and corvids, such as crows. All this killing takes place in the lead up to the Glorious Twelfth just to ensure there are as many red grouse as possible for the shooting season beginning today. 

“Traps and snares are indiscriminate. Companion animals such as cats and dogs, farmed animals, and non-target wild animals such as badgers, are also sometimes injured or killed by these cruel and antiquated traps. There is little regulation so gamekeepers can kill many animals without justification or scrutiny.” 

“The Scottish Government is currently reviewing the impacts of snaring. This is an opportune time for us to send a strong message to them that the public wants a full snaring ban. Indeed, 76% of Scots wish to see a ban on the use and sale of snares in Scotland.  

“On Saturday  September 17 we will demonstrate outside the Scottish Parliament, alongside our supporters, calling on the Scottish Government to make history and ban snares. 

“We are also delighted to have celebrity support for our demonstration, including from Scottish actor Alan Cumming, Naturalist Chris Packham and Actor Peter Egan. 

“The message is clear. Scottish Government, it is time to consign snares to the history books.”