Tesco Clubcard members have been left “gutted” by a change to Clubcard points in November.

Shoppers have been urged to use their delivery codes before the November 14 deadline in an email sent out to shoppers on Monday about imminent changes to the delivery saver code scheme.

As things stand, Delivery Saver codes are worth three Clubcard vouchers for people who use the scheme, but from November that will no longer be the case.

Customers can redeem Tesco Clubcard points to save on deliveries instead, for every 50p in Clubcard vouchers, shoppers can claim £1.50 in reward partner codes which include the cost of any delivery plan.

News of the changes were shared on the Scrimping on a Budget Facebook page where shoppers reacted to the change.

 "Gutted! One of the main reasons I use Tesco," said one Facebook user.

Another added:  "I got the email too.. glad I stopped using Tesco.. I always used Clubcard for saver"

Tesco has around 19 million Clubcard members across the UK.