King Charles III will be taking part in the Ceremony of the Keys when he visits Scotland today.

This symbolic gesture will take place at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, where the Queen has been lying in rest. 

Today her coffin will be taken to St Giles' Cathedral, where members of the public can pay their respects to the monarch.

A vigil will be held there before the Queen's coffin will be taken to Westminster Hall for Wednesday, September 14 where people can get the opportunity to visit for four days.

After that her funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey on Monday, September 19.


What is the Ceremony of the Keys?

The Ceremony of the Keys takes place every year at Holyrood Palace, and usually happens at the start of the Queen's summer holiday there in July.

When Charles and Camilla arrive in Edinburgh they will be presented keys to the city by the Lord Provost.

After that they will then return them, trusting the city to Edinburgh's elected officials.

Following this, King Charles will carry out an inspection of the guard.

This ceremony also takes place at the beginning of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Here the Lord High Commissioner, acting as a representative of the monarch, will undertake the swapping of the keys.