A MEMBER of the public in Innerleithen has complained to the community council about the noise of fireworks upsetting animals.

Correspondence received by Innerleithen and District Community Council (IDCC) secretary Gordon Daly asked whether it is “necessary to have community-sponsored fireworks celebrations” in the town, “given how distressing they are for animals".

IDCC member Ylva Dahnsjo said that fireworks are being phased out anyway with Historic Environment Scotland discouraging their use at events.

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Tweeddale East councillor Robin Tatler said the Scottish Government wants to stop individuals letting off fireworks and restrict them to organised events.

However Mr Tatler said fireworks are a major fundraiser for the Rotary Club and an integral part of Games Week celebrations.

Susan Meikle, in her position on the Games committee, would recommend silent fireworks.

Mr Tatler, who is the Rotary president, said he would investigate silent fireworks but cautioned their expense might make them unsuitable for fund raising.