A LONG-RUNNING planning bid to build two homes on the site of a former coach repair garage in the Borders has been resolved.

It was back in October 2020 that Marilyn Young, from Dalkeith, submitted a planning application to Scottish Borders Council to build the two properties in Station Road, Earlston.

The application raised concerns from neighbours over the height of the development, the boundary wall design, parking and loss of privacy.

In her report supporting the application, Julie Hayward, the council’s lead planning officer, said: “The site situated on the south west side of Station Road was used as a bus repair garage by Austin Travel, but is now vacant.

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“The single storey repair garage building has been demolished and the site cleared, with only the boundary walls remaining.

“Taking account of the existing use and appearance of the site, and taking account of the character of the surrounding streetscape, the principle of the proposal is capable of support.

“Revised drawings have been submitted that show a reduced footprint. The scale and design is now considered to be acceptable.”