A 27-YEAR-OLD forestry worker whose dogs were involved in a sheep-worrying incident in the Borders has been ordered to pay £2,650 in compensation.

Dale Scott, of Abbotsford Road, Galashiels, has also been banned from taking the Eastern European rescue dogs on agricultural land.

Selkirk Sheriff Court heard a number of animals were killed or injured in the attack at Posso Farm in the Manor Valley in Peeblesshire on March 10.

Scott's solicitor, Ed Hulme, said it was a "one-off, out-of-character incident" by an otherwise responsible dog owner.

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Sheriff Peter Paterson noted the dogs in question – a Carpathian Shepherd mix dog, and another Tornjak mix – were otherwise well cared for.

But he warned Scott they could be destroyed, and a ban on keeping animals could follow, if they were involved in any other incidents.

Sheriff Paterson said: "Working in a rural environment, farmers are rightly concerned about dogs running wild and worrying their sheep.

"And this is a classic example of what can happen."

In addition to the ban from agricultural land, Scott was fined £200 and ordered to pay the farmer £2,650 in compensation. He was also ordered to pay a £10 victim surcharge.