GLASWEGIAN rockers GUN will appear at the MacArts Theatre in Galashiels in December as part of a UK tour to celebrate the release of ‘The Calton Songs’ on October 14.

The album will be available on Cherry Red-coloured vinyl, CD, cassette and digital, and is a full-blooded celebration of the band’s career so far with enthusiastic and brand new acoustic reinterpretations of the songs that made their name.

‘The Calton Songs’ takes its name from the area of Glasgow where the band grew up, and where they still write their music.

 Jools Gizzi said: “When the pandemic hit we realised that it was the perfect time to try and counteract the bleakness that was all around.

“It felt like we couldn’t write anything, or of course tour. Out of that darkness came a desire to completely rework these songs that we know the fans love, and bring a different, stripped down vibe”. 

Dante Gizzi added: “It’s ironic that those feelings of negativity led to something so positive, a celebration of our career up to now”.

And released today Thursday September 29 2022 the “Inside Out Calton Mix” is a retooled version of a track that was one of the first songs ever written by the band.

Appearing on their breakthrough 1989 debut 'Taking On The World', the track has since become a staple of the GUN live set and a true fan favourite. 

GUN - MacArts Theatre in Galashiels  December 7 2022.

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