A DAD of three whose steroid addiction caused him to carry out a knife attack which was so horrific that it resembled a “horror movie” script has been jailed.

Martyn Logan, 32, was given a 12-year sentence on Wednesday for the attempted murder of Ocean Richardson and endangering the life of Max Yates.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Logan barely knew the two people when he attacked them on March 6 2020.

The assault took place at woodland close to an unclassified road between between Ashkirk and Ettrick Valley in the Borders.

The court heard how Logan armed himself with a knife with a 11.5cm blade when he jumped on Mr Yates’s back and restrained him. He then repeatedly struck him on the body with the blade.

Logan then ran back to a car which Miss Richardson was sitting in.

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She got out and then Logan stabbed her repeatedly on the head, body and the face – this prompted her to try and escape from the scene by driving away.

But the court heard how Logan smashed the car’s side window, snatched the keys from the ignition and then continued to repeatedly stab her on the face.

The court heard how Logan then got into the car and drove away. The complainers ran in the opposite direction before they jumped a fence and lay in long grass.

However, Logan returned to the scene and located his two victims. He then struck Mr Yates on the head and body with a knife before he drove away again.

Police finally apprehended Logan and brought him to justice.

On Wednesday, defence advocate Mark Stewart KC told judge Lord Arthurson that at the time of the attack, his client had developed a reliance on steroids and other drugs.

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He said the motivations for the attack “came from nowhere” and that “chaotic thinking” caused by taking steroids and other substances caused Logan to snap.

Logan had pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder and assault to severe injury, permanent disfigurement and danger of life at an earlier court hearing.

On Wednesday, Lord Arthurson said that jail was the only disposal available to him.

He said: “These offences each occurred late in the evening of March 6, 2020 at a field and wooded area near an unclassified road between Ashkirk and Ettrick Valley.

“Each involved very considerable and prolonged violence as you repeatedly used a knife to attack your victims.

“The agreed narrative of this case which was read to the court when your pleas of guilty were tendered sounded like a script to a horror film.

“I have listened carefully to the submissions advanced this morning on your behalf by your senior counsel.

“He has in particular submitted that these offences represented a single event which came from nowhere, with no discernible background but with the explanation available of your chaotic thinking related to your reliance at that time on controlled substances and in particular steroids.

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“Standing the gravity of your crimes in this case, involving as it does a single but sustained episode of extreme instrumental violence by you upon two young people who were effectively strangers to you, occasioning catastrophic consequences to them, in quite horrendous circumstances, the only appropriate disposal requires on any view to be a very substantial custodial one.”

At earlier proceedings, the court heard how Logan’s victims walked away from the crime scene and eventually reached a house in Selkirk.

The court heard how both collapsed in the hallway, covered in blood. An ambulance was called and Miss Richardson kept on passing in and out of consciousness.

Both were taken by ambulance to Borders General Hospital and Miss Richardson was intubated and placed on a ventilator and given a blood transfusion.

Medics found that she had lacerations to her head and face. A plastic surgeon carried out a procedure to treat lacerations on her hands.

Doctors also found a stab wound to her head above her left eye, which had fractured her eye socket.

This wound caused a penetrative injury to her brain at the area of her temple which caused a “significant” brain haemorrhage.

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The court heard that this brain injury has caused her to suffer epileptic seizures and she is at high risk of future seizures and will require treatment and medication for epilepsy for the rest of her life.

The court also heard that Mr Yates sustained multiple stab and slash wounds. A CT scan revealed that a fragment of the knife used in the attack was embedded and remains in his skull. He also required surgery and a blood transfusion to treat the “life threatening” injuries.

On Wednesday, the court heard how a social worker who was commissioned to investigate Logan’s background found that he had three children and a good work record.

However, the social worker also concluded that he had a history of “significant and extreme drug misuse”.

The court heard that Logan had been drug free for two years and that his chances of re-offending were low.

Mr Stewart told the court that his client was remorseful and accepted full responsibility for his actions on the night in question.

He added: “At the time of these events he had developed a reliance on controlled substances – the substance he engaged in mostly was steroids.

“This event came from nowhere. It is an explanation that the events of the evening were caused by the chaotic thinking which came from the abuse of these substances. It is no justification for what happened on the night in question.

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“He fully accepts that he alone is responsible – he took steroids.

“He knows that he will go into custody and he will work to ensure that he never finds himself in that position again.”

Lord Arthurson told Logan that he would have to go to prison.

Speaking about the victim’s injuries, Lord Arthurson added: “The resultant scar tissue on her brain has caused her to suffer epileptic seizures.

“She is at high risk of future seizures and will require treatment and medication for epilepsy for the rest of her life. All of these appalling injuries were inflicted by you during your murderous attack upon her.

“Your male victim sustained multiple stab and slash wounds, namely two deep wounds to the back of the chest, a deep wound to the left shoulder at the joint and deep wounds to fingers. He additionally sustained stab wounds to the head, lip, neck, elbow and wrist.

“A CT scan has disclosed that a fragment of the knife used by you in your attack upon him was embedded and remains in his skull. He required surgery and a blood transfusion. His injuries will result in lifelong scarring and were life threatening.”