POLICE in the Scottish Borders have received a report of a suspicious vehicle that had been seen in the Preston area this morning.  

A white IVECO van 16 plate was seen in suspicious circumstances, with the occupants apparently paying particular attention to farm buildings.

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And officers have now issued an appeal to the public and ask that anyone seeing this vehicle near their property should call police immediately via 101 or 999 if they suspect a crime is ongoing.

A spokesperson said: “Quad bike thefts are an ongoing local and national issue - we recommend multiple levels of security to DETER, DELAY and DETECT thieves:

“Our top 4 tips are;  Install an alarm system where quads are kept, consider a quad protector device such as the SUIP protector and secure the building they are stored in, Don’t leave keys in or near your quads, and install trackers.

Border Telegraph:

“Other recommendations include; good quality LED Lighting, CCTV and signage, Driveway & Shed Alarms, Forensic Security Marking & Signage, Secure Shed and Barn Doors with quality locks, park vehicles in front of shed doors at night, High quality chains & ground or wall anchors to secure quad bikes, Trackers on Vehicles, Cesar vehicle Marking

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“Remember to  please report any suspicious activity to us immediately via 101 or 999 if ongoing; including details of vehicles and persons involved.”