PLANS to build a four-storey block of flats on a former mill site in Galashiels have been given the green light.

The bid for 19 one-and-two-bedroom properties at the Burns Mill, Roxburgh Street, was originally filed with Scottish Borders Council (SBC) back in 2018.

Objections were submitted on a variety of potential issues, including parking and site density.

But this week the local authority backed the plans – which have been altered since the initial submission – at the site where the mill once stood.

In a statement supporting the application, applicants Borders Low Carbon Developments said that Galashiels 'badly needed' more investment in housing and regeneration.

“The developer envisages that students, young families, single people and retired people can all benefit from high quality housing in this location,” it stated.

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“Galashiels has a very high demand for flats, most of which has been identified as being for predominantly two person/one bedroom and three person/two bedroom flats. New build flats are in scarce supply.

“Burns Mill will deliver a total of 19 flats – three live/work studio flats, three one-bedroom flats and 12 two-bedroom flats. Additionally there will be one on-site manager’s flat.

“Every square inch of the site has been used to create well-planned living accommodation within a rich landscape framework, using all the natural resources available to advantage.

“The design aspires to create uncompromisingly comfortable urban living with the lightest environmental footprint. The site is next door to the Roxburgh Street Health Centre, a four-minute walk from the Galashiels rail/bus interchange, and 57 minutes from central Edinburgh. A full range of shops and services are close by.”

In his report approving the bid, SBC lead planning officer Carlos Clarke said: “The development would comprise a large, contemporary-designed single building which, at four storeys, is relatively substantial.

“However, in this setting, where it will sit against the banked backdrop with houses above, and where it will be seen amongst a range of building types, including modern health centre building opposite, it will be an appropriate addition to the townscape in its scale and form.”