SIX Borders writers hope to bring a little seasonal cheer to Ukrainian families suffering because of what Russian troops have left in their wake.

Retired Borders General Hospital doctor and writer, Oliver Eade, was so moved by after reading about the dangerous mine-clearing work being carried out by members of the HALO Trust that he and five other Borders writers have decided to sell their books in aid of the HALO Trust in Ukraine on Saturday November 19 between 2 and 4 pm in Melrose Parish Church Hall.

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Members of the public of all ages will be welcome, and proceeds from the sale will go towards helping HALO Trust workers on the ground who risk their own lives, every day, as they attempt to restore some sort of normality for the lives of the people of Ukraine.

Huge areas of Ukraine, liberated following the withdrawal of Russian forces, are littered with unexploded bombs, landmines and deadly, anti-vehicle explosive devices.

A Ukrainian family of four was killed when their car hit one of these, and since the start of the conflict nearly two thousand men, women and children have been killed or have suffered life-changing injury whilst going about their daily lives.

As well as clearing mines and explosives, HALO teams are mapping and marking dangerous areas, providing risk education, especially for children, and offering medical help for the injured. Little news coverage is given to this terrifying aspect of Russia’s illegal invasion of her neighbour, and the six writers who have organised the pre-Christmas book sale hope that greater awareness of the selfless work being carried by out by the HALO Trust across the world will encourage more people to donate to their cause.

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Oliver, from Melrose, will be joined by Iona McGregor of Gordon, by historical novelist, Pamela Gordon Hoad of Gattonside, by the young adult novelist, Robert Breustedt of Kelso and by Pat Watts of Jedburgh, plus books by Kathleen Mansfield of Peebles will also be on sale.

Oliver’s own books, some of which have won awards, cover adult, young adult and young reader genres, and together with some of the other writers, he belongs to the Silver Quill Publishing co-operative which includes award-winning writers from across the world.

Refreshments will be provided at the book sale, with donations to the HALO Trust. Information about the HALO Trust can be found at