A TWEEDBANK man who stole more than £6,000 of benefits which were meant for a relative has been jailed for six months at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Robert Mitchell-Chisholm, 43, had been appointed the recipient of Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independent Payments on behalf of the woman.

But for over a year at his home in Jura Drive, Tweedbank, he kept the money for himself and refused to hand it over subjecting the woman to abusive texts.

After considering background reports, Sheriff Janys Scott delivered a scathing account of Chisholm's conduct from the bench.

She told him: "You embezzled £6,232 from a young relative that you had been appointed to look after. You were in a position of trust but you abused that trust and kept the disability payments for over a year."

Sheriff Scott said there was nothing compulsive about the offence as he had kept the money over a long period and even though found guilty after a trial, had continued to not accept the facts when background reports were being compiled.

The court heard that Chisholm had paid the money back, but he also had a previous conviction for embezzlement and on that occasion he was admonished.

However, Sheriff Scott felt there was no other suitable disposal than custody and sentenced him to six months in jail.