A BORDERS man who drove while three and a half times the legal alcohol limit has been banned from the road at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Twenty-three-year-old Michael Futter, of Selkirk, pleaded guilty to driving with a breath/alcohol count of 78 microgrammes – the legal limit being 22 – in Shawburn Road, Selkirk, more than a year ago.

Depute fiscal Drew Long said the accused was spotted staggering before getting into a Vauxhall Astra at 9.30pm in the evening.

Police officers were summoned and Futter was found at his home in Scott Crescent where he was smelling of alcohol and asked for the identity of the driver which he refused to provide.

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He continued to argue with officers before providing two samples of breath – the lower reading being 78 microgrammes.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow admitted his client had a previous conviction for drink driving and that he should be well aware of the dangers and not just the consequences of committing such an offence.

He added: "He drove to the shops to get groceries. It was a relatively short distance for what it's worth."

In light of the previous conviction, Sheriff Nigel Morrison deferred sentence until December 12 for the production of a Criminal Justice Social Work Report and imposed an interim disqualification.