POLICE in the Scottish Borders are reminding dog owners that they could face prosecution under The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2021 if their dog attacks livestock.

Officers are now urging them to keep dogs on a lead when walking near livestock as well as making sure they do not run or escape into fields on their own.

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Police say that there is a number of things owners can do to reduce the chances of their dog committing a livestock attack or worrying crime.

Officers advise that when in the countryside, people should be wary of their dog approaching other animals.

They should also try to stop their dog from coming into contact with livestock.

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Remember, in the countryside, it may not always be obvious when animals are around.

So if you are in an area where livestock is nearby, always keep your dog in sight and maintain control over them.

If you can't guarantee this, use a lead.