DESPITE the snow and ice, Earlston made sure to celebrate Christmas with its light switch-on.

On Sunday (December 11) the town came out in the cold to parade through the streets before the town was illuminated.

Gathering first outside the primary school, the crowd marched to the town square where volunteers have spent recent weeks preparing for the switch-on event.

The lights were officially switched on at 6pm.

Michael Kerr, a volunteer with Earlston Christmas Lights, said: “This is the first year I remember us having snow with the Christmas lights, which was quite nice for the kids.

“It went as well as expected.”

The Christmas Lights Committee is looking for more volunteers to join them next year to help keep the switch-on event running.

Sharing to social media, the group said: “The merry band of men and one woman is becoming less and less each year!

“We are really looking for people to come along and help us out!

“If this continues we will no longer be able to keep to our lights going in years to come.”

For more information, message the Earlston Christmas Lights Community on Facebook.