A BORDERS venue is set to host a comedy homecoming two days before Christmas.

Peeblesshire comedian Richard Cobb will return to the region with his new show, Couple's Massage - set to take to the stage at Cardrona Village Hall on Friday, December 23 at 7.30pm.

Richard grew up in West Linton, and later moved to Peebles, then to Cardrona where his parents still live.

Richard said: "To summarise the show, it's a lot about love, distractions, and celebrity dogs – that's a worrying amount of the content.

"I'm not quite sure what to expect it's always been my intention to come back [for a show in the Borders]."

He has recently performed in sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, and regularly has shows in London, where he relocated to with his wife in 2019.

Couple's Massage will be his first debut headline show.

The show is inspired by the places Richard's mind wandered to during a massage while on holiday in Cuba.

While relaxing, his thoughts turned mainly to love, doubt, football scores, and pugs.

Richard added: "I do roughly two or three shows a week in London.

"A lot of it [the show] is based on the experiences of growing up.

"A lot of humourous tales of growing up, family holidays and stuff, in and around the Scottish Borders.

"It's also more modern content, experiences of lockdown.

"And it kind of centres around I was on honeymoon last month [October] in Cuba and we went for a couple's massage and it [the show] looks at a lot of the distractions.

"So, my brain kept going off to different places, I kept thinking of random things that have happened over time."

On the Cardrona stage Richard will be joined by his friend and fellow comedian Angus Coutts.

Tickets for Couple's Massage can be bought here.