POLICE in the Scottish Borders are dealing with a number of ongoing incidents due to icy road conditions.

Officers have issued an appeal to motorists to drive with care this morning.

Traffic Scotland have issued the following advice:

Unless you have no other option, don't drive if conditions are hazardous. 

In cold and icy conditions, your stopping distance will be at least ten times higher than on a dry road. 

Make sure you have full visibility through your windscreen and de-ice the car inside and out. Make sure your lights are in full working order, as well as your wipers. Ensure you have plenty of petrol, more than you need for the journey. 

Make sure you have your emergency travel kit in your vehicle, and be prepared for getting stuck out in the snow. 

If you must regularly drive in ice and snow this winter, then winter tyres may be advisable.

Winter tyres are tyres that are designed to provide maximum traction on roads.