The 154th New Year Sprint is due to be held on Friday December 30 2022 and Sunday January 1 2023.

The first day's events will be run on the 8-lane synthetic running track at the new Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh.

The programme features the usual mix of Open and Youths events ranging from sprints to middle distance plus Veterans and Ladies sprint events.

All events feature a handicap starting system.

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In addition to the sprint, a number of Borderers will be competing in the following events.

800m Open Handicap

Heat 1 Thomas McAskill (35M) Hawick, Dean Whiteford (90m) Innerleithen, Matthew Fleming (135m) Kelso and Emma Brus (175m) Tweed Leader Jet Track.

Heat 2 Rory MacDonald (70m) Kevin Wood (160m) and Gavin Tait (165m) all TLJT

200m Open Handicap

Heat 1 Callum Murrow (13m) Jedburgh, Zoe Blair (32m) and Shellee Fojic (39m) both Jed-Forest AC, Robert Noble (TBH) Gala Harriers

Heat 2 Scott Tindle (11m) Cameron Clamp (12m) both TLJT, Ryan Micham (15m) Hawick, John Fleming (22m) Kelso, Colin Bruce (34m) Selkirk and Caris Brus (39) TLJT

Heat 3 Douglas Young (4m) Kelso, Gordon Armstrong (12m), Ryan Elliot (13m), Iskan Barskanmay (15m) Evie Renwick (32m) and Rojin Barskanmay (36m) all TLJT

Head 4 Rory macDonald (17m) TLJT, Ruby Laing (32m) Kelso and Nina Cessford (37m) TLJT

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90m Veterans Handicap

Heat 1 John Fleming (10.5m) Kelso and Nina Cessford (18m) TLJT

Heat 2 Scott Elliot (17m) Jedburgh AC

90m Ladies Handicap

Heat 1 Zoe Blair (6m) Jed-Forest AC, Evie Renwick (6.5m) and Nina Cessford (7.5m) both TLJT and Shellee Fojic (9m) Jed-Forest AC

Heat 2 Rob Laing (6.5m) Kelso and Caris Brus (8.5m) TLJT

90m Open Youths Handicap

Heat 1 Lewis Fleming (17m) and Evie Leonard (21m) both Kelso and Joe Mcdade (24m) Jed-Forest AC

Heat 2 Freddie Wilson (14m), Evie Lees (15.5m) and Robyn Lees (24m) all TLJT

Heat 3 Craig Tindle (12m) and Tess Renwick (14m) both TLJT, Karalee Lindsay Jed-Forest AC and Ella McGovern (22m) TLJT.

Heat 4 Daniel Lawson (9.5m) Kelso, Stuart Whiteford (13m) Innerleithen, Rory Smith (14.5m) and Erin Jackson (23m) both TLJT

Youths 800m Open Handicap

Aaron Glendinning (0m) TJLT, Matty Fleming (45m) and Leo Tait (95m) both Kelso, Stuart Whiteford (95m) Innerleithen, Oliver Hastie (100m) Rory Fleming (160m0 Isaac Hastie (170m) and Evie Leonard (185m) and Harry Fleming (240m) all Kelso.

Youths 9-13 200m Handicap

Rory Smith (32m), Freddie Wilson (32m) and Ava Lees (34m) all TLJT, Harry Fleming (44m) Rory Fleming (46m) and Evie Leonard (46m) all Kelso Ella McGovern (48m) and Eric Jackson (51m) both TLJT, Joe McDaid (53m) Jed-Forest and Robyn Lees (57m) TLJT

Youths 13-16 200m Handicap

Aaron Glendinning (12m) TLJT, Daniel Lawson (20m) Kelso, Craig Tindle (23m) TLJT, Matty Fleming (28m) Kelso, Stuart Whiteford (28m) Innerleithen, Tess Renwick (30m) TLJT, Lewis Fleming (32m) Kelso, Kara Lindsay (42m) Jed-Forest.

The sprint heats will also take place on Friday with the finals on Sunday at Musselburgh,