A REPORT by the UK communications regulater Ofcom, has revealed that access to a superfast connection and a gigabit-capable connection in the Borders is lower than the national average.

Across the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk constituency, just 13.9 per cent of premises are able to access a gigabit-capable connection, which is far below the average of 61% of premises in Scotland and 67% of premises in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, only 85.8% of premises in the Scottish Borders can access a superfast connection, below the average of 94% of premises in Scotland and 96% in the UK.

The figures were revealed in the Autumn 2022 Ofcom report, titled Connected Nations.

Scottish Borders MP John Lamont, said: “People across the Scottish Borders are being denied the internet access they deserve.

“Local premises have been left behind because of repeated failures to deliver better broadband connections.

“Access in the Borders is far lower than the rest of the country, which makes it more difficult for local people to stay connected.

“Better broadband access is crucial for economic growth and plays a vital role in reducing social isolation. I will do all I can to work with the Scottish Government to sort this out. They must deliver for the needs of the Scottish Borders.”