Many across the country are looking for ways to save on energy bills as the costs continue to rise.

With this in mind, Aldi has launched its own Heat Your Home for Less Specialbuys range.

Aimed at helping customers keep homes warm during the winter months, the range can help the nation cut household costs thanks to energy-efficient must-haves and everyday essentials such as draft excluders, foil insulation and firelighters.

With products available to pre-order online now and in stores on January 8, shoppers need to be quick if they want to get their hands on these products, as they’ll be available for a limited time only.

Border Telegraph: Aldi’s Electric Under BlanketAldi’s Electric Under Blanket (Image: Aldi)

Aldi’s Heat Your Home for Less range

Stay warm at night with Aldi’s Electric Under Blanket (available in Single £19.99, Double £22.99 and King £29.99), featuring three different heat settings and an overheat protection to maintain a comfortable night’s sleep.

Aldi’s sought-after heated airer sells out online every time is it added. It is back again for £39.99, in-store only, featuring 20 heating tubes that rapidly heat up as soon as it’s plugged in and it costs just 7p an hour to run.

Shoppers can stay warm and cosy with some of Aldi’s winter favourites. With a huge 1.7L capacity and over twice the size of an average hot water bottle, Aldi’s Long Hot Water Bottle (£8.99) is designed to keep users warms from head to toe.

Aldi’s Hot Water Bottles are also available to pick up for just £5.99 and come in a stylish dark blue, pink, grey and white and are complete with a matching faux fur eye mask.

Aldi’s Heated Neck Wrap (£8.99) is filled with tourmaline beads that warm to a gentle and relaxing heat, making it ideal for keeping warm or nursing aches and pains.

Border Telegraph: Aldi’s sought-after heated airerAldi’s sought-after heated airer (Image: Aldi)

You can also keep feet cosy with the Foot Hot Water Bottle (£5.99), featuring faux fur pockets to slip feet in and keep toes toasty. For extra warmth, the popular Heated Throw (£34.99, online only) features three adjustable settings and is made from super soft fleece.

Save on heating bills by using plug-in electric heaters, proven to be cheaper and much more energy efficient than traditional gas heating, especially if just one room needs to be heated. Costing just 27p per hour to run, the Oil Filled Radiator (£34.99) is compact and easy to store, features an adjustable thermostat and an overheat protection making it a cost-busting must-have this winter.

Combine style and efficiency with the Electric Stove (£59.99) while enjoying the look and feel of an open fireplace. With two different thermostatic controls, the Electric Stove heats up in just 15 seconds allowing customers to regulate heat in just one room without turning the heating on. 

Add the Electric Stove Fan (£17.99), the perfect add-on for log burners to help evenly spread heat around the room without consuming any further energy.

Border Telegraph: Double Draft Excluder Double Draft Excluder (Image: Aldi)

Shoppers can also get their hands on a range of DIY must-haves designed to keep the heat in. Essentials include reflective bubble Multi Foil Insulation Wrap (7.5 m, £12.99) and 6 Layer Multi-Layer Foil Insulation (£69.99, Online Only – 10M) which both offer easy and simple ways to reduce heat loss through wall linings, floorboards and loft space by cutting heat loss by up to 85%.

Meanwhile, the quick and easy-to-install Pipe Wrap (£2.99) will keep water temperatures warm and prevent heat from being lost to the surrounding areas, as well as protect pipes from extreme weather.

Keep the draft out with Aldi’s effective Double Draft Excluder (£4.99), a non-adhesive door seal which will seal gaps of up to 22mm and lock warm air inside the room saving customers £125 per year.[5] Ensure energy is maximised with the Radiator Reflector (£12.99) which helps reflect the heat back into the room.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi says: "Trying to keep warm while keeping an eye on the pennies this winter is a big challenge – that’s why we’ve launched Aldi’s first-ever Heat Your Home for Less Specialbuys range."

All items are available to pre-order online only now and will appear in stores on January 8.