AFTER a sold-out show before Christmas, a Borders comedian is already looking forward to his next shows in the region.

Richard Cobb, who is originally from Peebles but is now based in London, brought his show Couple's Massage to Cardrona Village Hall.

As Richard's debut solo show, Couple's Massage was a chance for Richard to test out some of his new material – inspired by a couple's massage he had in Cuba.

Richard said: "It was great, a really good night, I think it was well received.

"I was fearing the worst slightly because the weather over Christmas was rubbish

"It was nice that people still came out and went along."

On the night, as well as Richard, the audience was treated to sets by fellow comedians Angus Coutts and Chelsea Young.

Border Telegraph: Richard treated the audience at his debut solo show to some new materialRichard treated the audience at his debut solo show to some new material (Image: Richard Cobb)

Richard is already looking forward to returning for more shows in the Borders, especially in the lead up to this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

He said: "I've been in touch with the Neidpath [Inn] in Peebles to do a Fringe preview when I'm back in May.

"I grew up in West Linton for 12 years so, one of my ideas as well was to do another preview there maybe towards the end of July or start of August.

"It [the show] will be towards the finished article by then."

As the show in Cardrona was a homecoming for Richard, he said that doing shows in the Borders is important to him.

He added: "You never quite know when you've gone away and come back, I wasn't quite sure what sort of reaction I would get because a lot of the material has been tested on London crowds.

"I've done the occasional spot in Edinburgh and Glasgow but I hadn't done anything comedy wise in the Borders.

"So, it was kind of going into it not quite sure who was going to be there and their age range.

"I guess it was like going into a dark room essentially.

"It was good because there's enough variety and it mapped out a fairly family friendly show."

Richard can be found on Twitter and Instagram using @therichardcobb