AN ‘ETHICALLY-ACCEPTABLE’ replacement of fur-laden ceremonial robes worn at important community events in a Borders town is to be considered at a meeting next week.

The robes worn by Jedburgh Honorary Provost Harvey Oliver and two Baillies are in need of some refurbishment.

A funding bid for the £2,500 needed to carry out the work will be considered by members of Jedburgh Common Good Sub-Committee when they meet on Monday (January 30).

But members will be informed that the robes’ white ermine fur neckline – from the winter fur and black tail end of a stoat – would be replaced instead with faux ermine collars and facings.

This is deemed as being “more ethically acceptable” to both wearers and the public, committee members will be informed.

The Honorary Provost and Baillies are elected by Jedburgh Community Council and play leading parts in all official ceremonies, particularly during the annual Jethart Callant’s Festival and Remembrance Sunday Service.

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Most recently the robes were worn at the proclamation of King Charles III.

A spokesperson for the applicant, Jedburgh Community Council, said: “This will be an exercise which will ensure that the robes are put in a condition which will last for many years.

“Having the robes refurbished will ensure that the regalia is fit for purpose and by replacing the ermine fur will make the robes more ethically acceptable both to the wearers and the public.

“The estimate of £2,500 is based on an estimate received without having seen the robes. The robes require to be sent to the specialist who will then be able to give a more accurate costing, therefore the amount required may actually be less.

“We have only been able to source one specialist who is able to carry out the work with the local company David Thomson & Sons signposting us to that person.

“The specialist carried out similar works for Dumfries & Galloway.”