POLICE in the Scottish Borders are looking to recruit more special constables.

The Special Constabulary is a part-time, volunteer body consisting of voluntary officers with identical powers to that of police officers.

Police Scotland is the second largest force in the UK after the Metropolitan Police with a workforce of 23,000 officers and staff working together for the people of Scotland covering a third of the United Kingdom’s landmass with a unique range of urban, rural, island and remote communities.

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Policing such a large and diverse territory takes people from all sorts of different backgrounds with a variety of skills and experience. 

As a special constable, you'll work alongside regular  police officers in your spare time – forging strong partnerships in the community, patrolling our streets, preventing crime and by keeping your  local community safe you can make a real difference.

You can work full time and be a Special Constable in just 96 hours per year or a few hours a week. The role is diverse, demanding, and rewarding.

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The Special Constabulary is an effective means in which local communities can be represented within the police service.

Special Constables are trained to the same standard as regular officers meaning they can add real value by supporting the regular police service.

Special Constables come from every walk of life in this role who you are is so much more important than where you are from or what your qualifications are.

What is really important is that you bring commitment, enthusiasm, common sense, confidence and great interpersonal skills.

You must be aged 18 years or over (you can apply at 17 ½ years of age but will not be appointed until you are 18) and be both physically and mentally able to undertake police duties.